Alan Dershowitz Says If Swetnick Lied, She Must Be Sent to Prison

Alan Dershowitz, a noted attorney and Harvard Professor, has no love lost for Michael Avenatti or Julie Swetnick. Dershowitz points out that after a lawyer submits an affidavit, he has the legal responsibility to pull it back if it is found to have false information in it. Just going by her interview with NBC, her affidavit contains accusations that she has backtracked from, yet Avenatti has made no attempt to withdraw it.

And since that affidavit is sworn to be accurate with a penalty of felony, Swetnick should be trying on orange jumpsuits. There are a lot more lies in that affidavit unless I miss my guess.

From The Gateway Pundit

Alan Dershowitz: I have done some research on it and there are some ethical and bar rules that say when you submit an affidavit even to Congress and you later learn that there are things in the affidavit that are false you have a continuing obligation to withdraw the affidavit. You cannot allow an affidavit to remain on the record if you have information suggesting it’s false… She has to be investigated independently of the background check, criminally investigated to see if she deliberately and willfully… made a decision to frame somebody that he had nothing to do with. The evidence seems to suggest they never knew each other they were years apart.

They were operating in different circles. It wouldn’t surprise me if an FBI investigation proved they never met each other. And if that turns out to be the fact she belongs in a court of law being prosecuted, with the presumption of innocence. But if the evidence shows she committed perjury, prison.

And if Swetnick is prison worthy, how about Christine Blasey Ford? She told enough lies in her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee to fill a book. Like claustrophobia, fear of flying, why and when she put in a second door on her house, among others. The only way to stop this nonsense in the future is to send them to prison and discourage people from making false claims.