After GOP Stabs Voters In The Back Kavanaugh May Never Serve

The GOP is now being run by the Keystone cops as Sen Chuck Grassley and the cojoneless GOP allows the minority to score a huge victory. Grassley has agreed to let Ford testify on Thursday, meaning Brett Kavanaugh went through all this crap for nothing.

It is all but impossible to confirm Kavanaugh before the new session of the Supreme Court begins on October first, meaning that all the rulings by activist judges will be upheld and Brett Kavanaugh will never be seated on the nation’s highest court. And to achieve that, Mitch McConnell would have to keep the Senate in session for the entire 48 hours of the next weekend.

From The Gateway Pundit

Republicans in the Senate asked for her to testify this week, she refused. They offered to send a staff to her house in California to take her testimony privately and she refused that too. Finally, they asked her to testify this coming Monday, she said she won’t but she won’t explain why she won’t. Ford’s attorneys now say she’s willing to explain herself in the Senate next Thursday.

Thursday is a significant date in this story. Because of senate rules which are complex, if Ford testifies next Thursday the vote on Kavanaugh will be pushed back at least another week. In this environment that very well means – forever. His nomination will be over.

And So will any Trump nomination to the court. There is a time before the midterms for the White House to introduce and vet a new candidate. Democrats will have prevented the president from filling this vacancy. We’ll have just eight justices for the foreseeable future. And probably until there is another Democratic president. You may have voted for Trump in hope that he would put reasonable people on the Supreme Court. But TOUGH!

I may not even vote in November because Democrats are in charge, no matter which party is in the majority.