200 Illegal Packing Plant Workers Flee Over False Rumor of Raid By ICE

There was some excitement at the  Gold Creek Foods processing plant in Georgia after a rumor spread that the place was being raided by ICE.

Two hundred employees who are thought to be illegal aliens left the plant when they heard it was being raided. ICE reported later that there wee not any raids conducted anywhere in Georgia.

But, now that we know the plant has so many illegal aliens working for them, it should get raided. That would open up at least 200 more jobs for American citizens. The seven plants in Mississippi have had to increase pay and benefits to attract American workers and that’s a very good thing for our country.

From The Gateway Pundit

Illegal alien workers on Thursday fled a Georgia poultry plant amid rumors that ICE was on their way to raid the facility.

The rumors turned out to be false, however, the illegals were spooked and on edge following a massive raid on Mississippi chicken plants a couple weeks ago.

The illegals abandoned their posts in anticipation for the raid, but ICE agents never showed up to Gold Creek Foods in Gainesville, Georgia.

According to News34 Atlanta, approximately 200 workers fled the poultry plant before 11 AM after the rumors started at 8 that morning.

The Telegraph reported:

Police in Gainesville, Georgia — dubbed the “Poultry Capital of the World” — were tipped off by the media reportedly trespassing at the processing plant Gold Creek Foods around 11 a.m. Thursday, the Gainesville Times reported.

An ICE spokesman confirmed there was “no worksite enforcement action at chicken plants in Georgia today” and the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said they had also not received requests for assistance, the newspaper reported.

Seven food processing plants were raided by ICE agents last Wednesday evening and 680 suspected illegals were taken into custody.