Griffin Says Megyn Kelly inspired her controversial Donald Trump photo shoot

Kathy Griffin held a press conference today with her lawyer Lisa Bloom about her gruesome Donald Trump beheading photo. The photo has resulted in her being fired from CNN, losing endorsement deals, and lots of canceled shows…

And now, it seems, she’s placing some of the blame on Megyn Kelly.

During the press conference, Griffin broke down multiple times, holding back tears, while addressing the “effect” this will have on her career.

She also says that Megyn Kelly, former FOX News anchor, might be somewhat to blame for the incident? Lol ok…

“I really apologize,” she said. “I screwed up. Of course, you gotta make fun of Trump. […] I started thinking of that Megyn Kelly thing — by the way, I’m sure Megyn Kelly can’t stand me. […] I thought of that blood coming out of her eyes blood or coming out of her wherever.”

She was referring to, of course, when Trump told Don Lemon (CNN) during his candidacy that “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes … blood coming out of her wherever” about Kelly.

“Let’s make this really obvious that I’m making an absurdist, artsy thing,” Griffin continued to explain about her mindset heading into the photo shoot. “For a few photos, I was holding up this wig head and we kept making the hair crazier […] We just took these pictures, it was interesting. There were a few people in the house. I didn’t do anything for money. […] Let’s just give them something to talk about. […] You interpret it the way you want.”

As the press conference went on, Griffin defended herself against “death threats” she’s been on the receiving end of since the photo was released,

“This is America — you shouldn’t have to die for it,” Griffin continued. “The death threats that I’ve been getting are constant and they are detailed and they are serious and specific. Today, it’s me, and, tomorrow, it could be you.”

Her lawyer chimed in quite a few times among them,

“Kathy Griffin and Donald Trump are not equals,” Bloom announced at one point. “We used to hold presidents to a standard that they don’t criticize artists and comedians. He’s using the power of the federal government against her.”