The Search For Al-Amriki show Ex-Muslim activist Hazem Farraj [Video]

This promises to be insane! The American: The Search For Al-Amriki show Ex-Muslim activist Hazem Farraj and producer Alexandra Ryan as they “explore the roots of radical terrorism through personal experience at the hands of religious aggression”. WOW…

From their website:

The filmmakers are determined to find answers about the roots and origin of the Islamic State. While in Iraq, they cross paths with another American, a jihadist who joined ISIS and abducted and enslaved a young Iraqi girl. Once she escaped, eight more girls were brought on the open sex-slave market, while this jihadist continued to taunt his first victim on Facebook.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

The documentary’s primary focus is a man named Abu Abdallah Al-Amriki. The name Al-Amriki means “The American.”

When the Islamic State attacked the city of Sinjar in August of 2014, they allegedly captured a young Yazidi woman named Bazi (a pseudonym), took her back to Raqqa, and sold her to Al-Amriki.

Throughout her five months in captivity, according to Bazi, Al-Amriki subjected her to incredible brutality. He also told her that he was from the United States. During an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Bazi described her captor:

He was a little bit taller than me, with a black beard, black hair. I also saw his own family. He had a wife and two children, a son and a daughter.

Bazi told Amanpour that this man, who may have had a wife and children, raped her repeatedly: “Before raping me, he would pray for like fifteen minutes or half an hour. And after that, even if it was 2 a.m., 3 a.m., after raping me, he would go take a shower and pray again.”

After Bazi’s escape, Al-Amriki allegedly abducted more girls.