Was Terrorism at the Root of the Pennsylvania Police Shootings?

Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty went on a rampage on Friday, shooting at police in at least three locations before being shot and killed in his last confrontation. Dauphin County District Attorney Ed Marsico said that there is no doubt that El-Mofty was targeting police officers but declined to say if it was terrorism. What we do know is that the suspect had ties to the Middle East and had just recently visited there. No country or reason for the visit were disclosed. The FBI has been called in on the investigation.

WGAL-TV reported Marsico’s summary of the attacks:

1. Around 4 p.m., shots were fired at a Capitol police officer at 3rd and Mulberry streets. The officer’s vehicle was hit. The officer was not hurt.

2. Shots were fired at a Pennsylvania State trooper at 4th and Market streets. The officer suffered a slight injury. She is expected to be OK.

3. At 17th and Mulberry streets, the gunman engages in a shootout with Harrisburg police and state police, and is killed. No officers are hurt.

At the third location, police shot and killed El-Mofty. No word yet on how long police keep up the charade of pretending we don’t know the motive og the gunman. My guess is that it will be until the evidence is overwhelming or at least soon after that. ISIS has in the past encouraged Muslim martyrs to attack soldiers and police officers. It is usually a safe bet when you can put those two things together is that their actions are religion of peace based.

From ABC News

“We are asking the public if they have any information about Mr. El-Mofty to please call 911 and let us know, anyone that has any information about him,” Marsico said at a Friday night press conference.

“This could’ve been a really tragic incident with this individual firing many shots at police cars in downtown Harrisburg in the midst of rush hour traffic on Friday afternoon, and then coming up here in a residential neighborhood and firing again many shots.”

When asked about specific ties to terrorism, Marsico said an investigation would reveal that information and cautioned, “We don’t want people to run wild with speculation.”

No word yet on whether El-Mofty was a US citizen or what his immigration status was at the period of his very timely death.