Manchester Bomber Reported 5 Times to Authorities, No Action Taken!

Salman Abedi was reported once a year for half of a decade to authorities as a possible terrorist, yet nothing was done.

Salman Abdedi’s horrendous crime in Manchester, England this week has raised more than a few questions about British anti-terrorism capabilities.

Salman Abedi was reported once a year for half of a decade to authorities as a possible terrorist, yet nothing was done.

For the last 8 years of their alliance, British and U.S. leaders marched to tune of liberal President Barack Obama of the United States, who led the way in shirking his national security responsibilities when it came time to face the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.  The cowardly Obama, who constantly attempted to convince America that ISIS was “desperate” or “on the run”, refused to so much as utter the phrase “radical Islam” during his last few months in office, for fear of offending the Muslim faithful.

This pervasive and evasive tactic has, quite unfortunately, transformed into a mindset held by far too many in the modern world.  While authorities who deal with these threats everyday demand that if we “see something, say something”, have had a very difficult time garnering support for reactionary work.  And in the case of Salman Abedi, even 5 reports in 5 years wasn’t enough for them to spring into action and possibly stop the radical Islamic miscreant.

“The police and security services missed at least five opportunities over five years to stop Salman Abedi from carrying out his deadly terror attack, it has emerged.

“Following the deadly attack at the Manchester Arena by Abedi on Tuesday night, which claimed 22 lives, questions are being raised as to why the British authorities did little to follow up on repeated reports from friends and community members that Abedi was radicalised and had expressed support for suicide bombing.

“The reports date back five years, when two youth workers are said to have phoned an anti-terrorism hotline to report concerns over Adebi’s ‘extreme views’ whilst he was completing his last year at school, the BBC has reported.

“Two of Abedi’s friends were also so concerned about his behaviour that they separately phoned the hotline, five years ago, and again in 2016.

“’They had been worried that “he was supporting terrorism” and had expressed the view that “being a suicide bomber was ok”’,’ a source told the BBC.”

If only the world had been conditioned to take these threats seriously, a great many young women and children could have been saved in Manchester this week.

Abedi’s case is not the only one of its kind.  Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen was similarly reported to FBI officials after attempting to purchase 1,000 rounds of ammunition at the Florida firearms retailer.  Even though the FBI had been contacted directly, Mateen was still able to purchase ammunition and carry out his attack unabated and unmolested by authorities until after he had done the damage he had planned to do.