Mueller Takes A BIG STEP In The Wrong Direction

As a television series runs on, the writers constantly need to up the ante. Sometimes this works out just fine and the audience doesn’t bat an eye and keeps watching.

Other times pop-culture phrases are born when a series “jumps the shark”. It appears as if the Mueller investigation team is strapping on their skis and headed to Hawaii.

Robert Mueller, head of the special counsel brought forth to investigate bogus ties between President Trump and Russia and to waste tax payer money, is looking to have a sit down with the big Kahuna himself, President Donald J. Trump. This according to a report on Tuesday.

The President’s legal team seem to be pushing to avoid a face-to-face sit down between the two. Instead, they are hoping to incorporate alternative means of answering questions, such as written answers and audio statements. This is due to President Trumps busy and often hectic schedule and has been suggested in the name of efficiency.

Last month President Trump declined to commit to an interview with Mueller, but has shifted his stance in hopes of getting the investigation over with before the mid-term elections start to heat up. A smart move on his part, as it would add another victory to his tally.

The special counsel formed last May, after President Trump fired then-F.B.I director James Comey. Originally deployed to investigate claims of Russian interference in the 2016 election. It has since come under fire for the team’s ever-broadening scope and possibly unlawful interception of transition team documents.

While there is no end in sight we can only assume there won’t be much else for Mueller and his team to consider after sitting down with the most power man in the free world. Mueller has also expressed a desire to conduct and end the investigation has thoroughly and efficiently as possible.