Look out Jill Stein! Breakthrough In HER Russian Collusion Investigation

credit: Gage Skidmore

Since the election trail in 2016, it’s been speculated by many that failed presidential hopeful Jill Stein may be somewhat responsible for Hillary Clinton’s humiliating loss by taking votes away from her.

Which is strange since, you know, people vote with their conscious right?

Her relationship, however, with RT (also known as Russia Today) is what’s drawing attention to her. She has stated publicly that she will cooperate with the investigation.

Case in point, a pro-Stein ad that ran on Facebook was said to be connected to “internet trolls” and possibly Russian operatives: “Choose peace and vote for Jill Stein,” the ad reads. “Trust me. It’s not a wasted vote. … The only way to take our country back is to stop voting for the corporations and banks that own us. #GrowaSpineVoteJillStein.”

Facebook declined to comment on the specifics of the advertisements but noted a previous statement: “The vast majority of ads run by these accounts didn’t specifically reference the U.S. presidential election or voting for a particular candidate. Rather, the ads and accounts appeared to focus on amplifying divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum — touching on topics from LGBT matters to race issues to immigration to gun rights.”

She has appeared many times on RT, as well as attending a dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin as well as future White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.

She’s also been criticized by many on the Left for saying that Trump’s presidency is less likely to result in a war with Russia — again apparently she can’t speak her heart on such matters. Par for the course, liberals…

In a statement posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Stein denied any wrongdoing in her interactions with Russians.

“Our campaign has observed the highest standards of transparency and integrity in our interactions with foreign nationals as well as Americans,” she wrote. “Our communications with Russian individuals regarding an invitation to speak on international relations at the RT 10th anniversary media conference will confirm what we stated publicly at that time and since: that we did not accept any payment or even reimbursement for the trip, and that we made the trip with the goal of reaching an international audience and Russian officials with a message of Middle East peace, diplomacy, and cooperation against the urgent threat of climate change.”

The failed hopeful also stated that Americans should watch out for “outside actors” seeking to impact the election: “We take seriously the issue of potential interference in our elections,” Stein said in a statement posted to Twitter. “To restore trust in our elections and democracy itself, we must safeguard our elections from all potential sources of interference, whether by foreign state actors or domestic political partisans, criminal networks, lone wolves, or private corporations — including those who control voting software.”

She also stated in an interview with Vice that she really had no interaction with Putin during the “infamous” dinner.

“I didn’t meet him,” Stein was quoted as saying. “That photograph tells a very different story than the facts. Putin came in with all these guys who turned out to be his most important people. I wouldn’t have known that. The Russian speakers only spoke Russian. … There was nothing substantive going on at that table. This was Putin coming in so that he could give a speech in Russian. That’s all it was. And then he did a fast-forward around the table to shake everyone’s hand, but no names were exchanged, nothing.”

But let’s face one truth here, folks… Jill Stein’s bid for the presidency barely received 1% of the popular vote. There’s no way she negatively impacted the election, stacking the deck so to speak against Hillary Clinton.

It’s just more of the “What Happened?” crap. They just can’t accept that the American people have spoken.