Deviant Swamp Behavior May Cause Dems To Lose Their Most Powerful State

California — the seemingly utopic-like stating in the Union for liberals, left, and Democrats alike. There perhaps is no state more BLUE than the land of swimming pools and movie stars given that nearly every elected office there is held by Democrats and yet…

A new report from The Daily Wire suggests that they’re in danger of losing control of the wayward hippie state due to the ever-increasing number of sexual harassment claims coming from those finding the courage to finally speak up.

It’s rank as a Democratic power is now in danger for 2018 due to a series of “scandal-induced resignations”.

“We’re in unchartered territory here,” said Garry South, a veteran Democratic strategist who advised former California Gov. Gray Davis. “This whole issue has hit a critical mass in a very short time. I’ve never seen anything like it before — and I don’t know where it ends.”

Indeed, they have lost the publics trust according to South.

It’s not just that the new swamp revelations are rocking their political offices, but that they’re also losing most of their same financial backers for the same behavior. One only needs to look at Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey for a glimpse of what’s been shaking Hollywood at it’s core.

The California Assembly is even involved in its own sex scandal with dozens of women signing petitions; demanding the Democratic legislators be held accountable for what they’ve done.

They’ll be holding special hearings wholey dedicated to this just next month. They’ve also hired two law firms to take the lead on these claims.

Christine Pelosi. daughter of infamous lefty Nancy Pelosi, is taking one of those leads for the “We Said Enough Equity Project” saying:

“We have got to move from Twitter justice to lasting justice — and the only way to do that is to have a real system in place,’’ she told POLITICO. You can run somebody out of town on a rail — but the victim doesn’t get closure and the culture hasn’t changed,’’ she said. “So you don’t rid yourself of the real problem.”

Pelosi said her organization is considering a ballot measure to address reforms, transparency and victims’ protection.

“I think the public is very ready … they’re always far ahead of the politicians on this one,’’ she said. “The public is far ahead of us: They already think the legislators live in a separate world, a fantasy camp.”

(H/T Politico | The Daily Wire)