Dem Rep Says “Despicable” Trump May Start A War To “Boost Ratings” [Video]

screenshot from youtube

Anti-Trump crap took a new low turn as Steve Cohen (D-TN) appeared on MSNBC and claimed that President Trump “may start a war to improve ratings”

“Donald Trump is the most despicable human being to ever reside in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” Cohen said.

he goes on, calling Trump a “narcissistic sociopath,” saying he believes war might be a Trump pursuit to prop up Republicans ahead of the 2018 elections.

“It endangers the country. And war, like wag the dog, is something he could get into to improve the ratings for the [2018] elections, where they are in desperate shape,” Cohen added.

This isn’t new.. well THIS IS but I mean the Anti-Trump crap. From both “celebrities” and politicians. Here are some pretty disgusting Anti-Trump statements:

Jimmy Kimmel “I want to say thank you to President Trump. I mean, remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist? That’s gone, thanks to him.”
Sen. Lindsey Graham “Through his statements yesterday, President Trump took a step backward by again suggesting there is moral equivalency between the white supremacist neo-Nazis and KKK members who attended the Charlottesville rally and people like Ms. Heyer. I, along with many others, do not endorse this moral equivalency.”

As reported by Common Dreams:

As Republicans and President Donald Trump turn toward the new year with destruction on their minds, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joined a chorus of voices in expressing the urgent need to reach beyond merely resisting the right’s agenda and articulate an inspiring alternative that will sweep progressives into positions of power.

“Here is a New Year’s resolution I hope you will share with me,” Sanders wrote on Twitter just before midnight on Sunday. “In 2018, we will not only intensify the struggle against Trumpism, we will increase our efforts to spread the progressive vision in every corner of the land.”