Genius Crashes His Car Into Hospital In Anti-Trump Protest [VIDEO]

These Anti-Trumpers are REAL geniuses, huh? Take 27-year-old Steven Ellam as an example. This genius drove his car into an emergency room entrance in Middletown, CT as some weird form of protest against our President.

And this genius took it a step further, recording the whole incident on Facebook, declaring:

“Donald Trump, where are you? My name’s Jesus Christ. I’m in Middletown, Connecticut and I am going to attack one of your headquarters right now. Middlesex Hospital is not safe.”

The mayor commented on the matter: “Mr. Ellam drove into the sliding glass doors of the walk-in entrance of Middlesex Hospital in Crescent Street. At that point, he set himself on fire,” said Middletown Mayor Dan Drew.

The incident prompted a call to the bomb squad as well as federal authorities, as Ellam was sent to another hospital in critical condition.

30 patients and 20 staff members were evacuated after the crash, and thankfully no one was injured except a security guard for smoke inhalation.

“This has been determined as an isolated incident. We are confident that the subject Mr. Ellam acted alone as a sole source in the incident,” said Middletown Police a Chief William McKenna.

Chief McKenna said Ellam had a lengthy criminal record and has been known to police since he was 14-years-old.

“He did have a probation officer assigned to him – whether or not he’s still on probation I don’t know, but I did put a call in but we haven’t heard back to see if he is officially or not,” said Capt. Gary Wallace of the Middletown Police Department.

The youth of America is clearly is freaking trouble. They’re being brainwashed by people who have been brainwashed, brainwashed etc… it’s like when you make a copy of a copy, it deteriorates.

Something needs to be done about this sorta crap, asap!