This “GENIUS” Got Knocked Up By An Inmate; Guess What Her Job Was!

After other inmates saw that Correctional Officer Tarra Avery was pregnant, they decided to report that she was having relations with a fellow inmate, this prompted an investigation.

According to an arrest affidavit, Avery became the subject of an investigation back in November 2017. The investigation started when inmates at the Hamilton Correctional Facility began saying that Avery was in a relationship with an inmate and was pregnant with his child.

During an interview with Avery, she admitted to having sex with the man in the officers’ station bathroom though she claims it only happened once. She, as well, admitted to being pregnant and that it was, in fact, his.

She apparently received $200 from the inmate’s sister to cover pregnancy expenses…

In the course of their investigation, handwritten letters between Avery and the inmate were discovered as well as phone conversations he had with his sister; where he mentions Avery by name and discusses the pregnancy.

Avery was arrested Thursday and booked into the Hamilton County Jail.

Hey… this isn’t really new… It’s nothing something I was quite aware of before finding this story but after searching there are plenty of stories just like this. WTF is wrong with these women? It’s like the hot teachers having sex with 14-year-olds… like seriously, go see a freaking shrink.

Here’s one PRIME EXAMPLE from CBS News:

Four female prison guards in Baltimore fell pregnant to the same inmate, according to authorities who have busted a major smuggling gang inside the jail system.

Two of the women tattooed the inmate’s name on their bodies and he showered three of them with expensive gifts including cars and jewelry.

The four women are among 25 people who face federal charges, including 13 female prison guards, CBS Baltimore reports.

The scheme involved smuggling drugs and cell phones into Baltimore City Detention Center.

U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said the 25 defendants participated in running the activities of the Black Guerilla Family – a prison and street gang – from behind bars in Baltimore City.

Thirteen female corrections officers, seven inmates and five alleged co-conspirators are charged with racketeering, money laundering and possession with the intent to distribute.

Officials say all 13 have been suspended without pay and the department is moving to fire them.