Dilbert Creator Just DESTROYED Trump Haters 

Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected this but then again I don’t know much about Scott Adams, the create of the long-running and famous Dilbert comic strip. But the man’s an outspoken conservative who is no stranger to taking his message to the internet.

After being deemed a “white supremacist” by the alt-left Adams went on to explain a couple of tweets from President Donald Trump.

He explained that how contradictory statements CAN exist, namely the claim that Trump is a Nazi AND Trump opposes bigotry and hate. First stating that they’re all in a “mass hysteria bubble” (accurate!) and those inside this bubble believe every single thing that the media is saying, specially about President Trump and that those of us outside of the bubble are freethinkers and perceive reality as it is.

You can watch the full video here.

As Written By Joseph Curl for the Daily Wire:

“If you hold a mass protest against your biggest nemesis and your nemesis tweets a sincere thank you and applauds your efforts, you are doing it wrong.”

That was the succinct summation offered over the weekend by Scott Adams, the cartoonist who draws the Dilbert comic strip and an outspoken conservative who holds court regularly on the interwebs, often on Periscope.

In the back story, President Trump, deemed a white supremacist by his critics (and even the mainstream media) took to Twitter over the weekend to get past the media filter to make clear how he feels about the racial strife being hyped daily in newspapers and cable news shows.

First, the president said this:

Then this:

Dilbert Creator Shreds Trump Haters With Single Succinct Summation | Daily Wire