Bannon’s departure shows he had all the right enemies, Watch this video [Video]

In politics, you can sometimes tell who you want to support by observing who is attacking and opposing them and in Steve Bannon’s case, he has become very supportable. In these videos, you can judge for yourself if that rings true. It is not clear if the Wall Street cheering was for Bannon’s departure, but MSNBC sure makes it seem so. 

As Written By Emily Jashinsky for The Washington Examiner:

For disaffected Trump voters rankled by coastal elitism, Steve Bannon had all the right enemies.

As proof, look no further than this video of traders on Wall Street cheering the news of Bannon’s resignation on Friday. Per CNBC’s report, “Floor traders, who are overwhelmingly Republican, cheered here at the New York Stock Exchange when it was reported that Bannon was out. (Though, some later said part of that cheering was due to the departure of a colleague.).”

The article continued to explain, “They want a concerted effort to raise the debt ceiling, pass a budget resolution and then move rapidly to tax cuts. Friday’s gains is the market’s way of saying investors believe tax cuts are still alive.”

Here is what was heard during a live braodcast on MSNBC:


This video of Wall Street cheering Steve Bannon’s departure shows he had all the right enemies for Trump voters