SJWs Yell Police Brutality After Fight, Then Police Released the Full Video [VIDEO]

Police were called to a scene where men were unconscious. As it turned out the men were high on some bad synthetic marijuana.

Someone in the area recorded a 45-second video and used it to claimed that racist cops used unnecessary force on one of the men. That brought out the SJWs screaming bloody murder against the police. Unfortunately for these SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) one of the police had a body cam that showed everything that happened and the cops were exonerated.

The fire department paramedics were the first ones on the scene as they tried to help the man, they began swinging at them.

They radioed for the police hurry onto the scene and help them. After they got there, one of the men continued to fight swinging at the paramedics and the police. It took police five minutes to subdue the man and cuff him as he was fighting them all the way.

The police who answered the call asked the chief to release the video because it not only showed that the man was fighting them but that one of the police officers was an African American just like the man who was arrested.

From The Conservative Tribune

It turns out that Curry was combative and appeared to resist arrest for more than five minutes. This was after a foot chase and an apparent assault on medics who were trying to assist the man.

“Police on Tuesday released bodycam video showing the lengths it took to subdue and handcuff a 35-year-old man Saturday after he took swings at firefighters who were trying to help him,” reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The video footage seems to confirm the account from medics and police at the scene.

“As you can see, he’s resisting the whole time,” explained Assistant Police Chief Charles Ramirez. “The officers showed a lot of restraint. They are young officers and did what we expected them to do. This shows what the officers were actually dealing with.”

Warning: Video contains profanity.

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It took a total of five officers to finally handcuff the combative man. Even then, the cops appeared to be concerned for his well-being, with one heard on the footage offering him water.

Contrary to the frequent liberal narrative, the vast majority of America’s police officers are good people and skilled professionals. Sometimes the job gets rough — but as this video showed, it was not the cops who dragged out the altercation.

Actions have consequences. Getting high on synthetic drugs and then allegedly attacking medics when they try to help you is a recipe for a bad day, no matter how you slice it.

There is ample evidence that synthetic marijuana is by far, worse than the real thing. It needs to be banned.

During the struggle, the man yelled that they were choking him but you can clearly see that no one was touching his neck. later, he thought he was naked. He was totally out of his head.