Limbaugh: Trump’s Playing Swamp’s Game [AUDIO]


Rush Limbaugh stated on his nationally syndicated radio show that President Donald Trump is “playing the swamp’s game” in governing”, and “that’s not what we elected him to do”.

“He could fire Rosenstein, and he could fire Mueller. There’s nothing stopping him from doing it, nothing legally. He could go to Rosenstein right now. He would be perfectly within his bounds to go to Rosenstein and say, “Look, this investigation can’t be wide open for anything.”

“You’ve gotta limit what these people can look for. You’ve gotta limit it to actual felonious crimes. You can’t have them subpoenaing anybody they want financial records, text records, tax records. There has to be a limit.””

“He would be perfectly within his bounds to do that because he is the executive branch. And if he wanted to fire these people, he could. When you see in the media, “There’s no way he can do it,” they’re talking politically. But since the independent counsel, special counsel’s been named, and now since they made sure to leak that Trump is under investigation, that is supposed to tie his hands, but it cannot tie his hands legally.”

“But he could still do it. It’s not constitutional or legal prohibitions stopping him. It’s pure politics. And it’s the politics of the swamp, folks. The swamp has got Trump playing the swamp’s game right now. And that’s not what Trump was elected to do, and that’s not what Trump wants. Trump does not want to play the swamp’s game. I think the effort to get health care passed in the House was Trump playing the swamp game. And by swamp game, I mean the traditional way to get legislation passed.”

“Somebody in the House comes up with a bill working with the White House and you got people that are for it and against it. You bring the detractors up to the White House, you wine and dine ’em, you cajole ’em, you beat ’em on the head. You do whatever, you try to get the bill passed, exactly the way it’s always been done in the swamp. That first health care bill that ended up not being voted on because it never had a chance, I never thought it was gonna have a chance because it was “all swamp all the time.”

“Now, you might say, “Well, I mean, Rush, the swamp’s the swamp. There’s no other way to get a bill passed. The president’s not a dictator.” I understand that. But Trump has many more tools at his disposal than he is aware of. I shouldn’t say that. He’s got more tools at his disposal than he is using. The power vested in the president by the Constitution in the executive branch is awesome.”