WikiLeaks vs The Democratic National Committee Is Going To be HUGE

The Democratic Party is suing WikiLeaks for publishing the stolen emails. Now, WikiLeaks is fighting back and they want our help to do it.

They want to countersue the Democrats and indeed, their first filing will take place on Friday. There is something in this for all conservatives. Because there will be discoveries made during the exchange of information, that you know WikiLeaks will publish. They will be able to ask almost anything and the Democrats will be obligated to answer those questions.

And remember, WikiLeaks knows exactly where the emails come from and since the Russians are co-defendants, WikiLeaks could blow up the process by proving the theft was an inside job and not Russia.

From The Gateway Pundit

WikiLeaks launched a GoFundMe to help fund their legal battle against the Democratic National Committee.

The explainer on the GoFundMe, launched by the Courage Foundation, reads as follows:

“In April 2018, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against WikiLeaks simply for publishing its emails. This lawsuit is the biggest attack on freedom of speech and constitutional rights in decades.

The DNC does not allege WikiLeaks participated in hacking of any kind. It is suing WikiLeaks for providing accurate, newsworthy information to the public.

The emails published by WikiLeaks reveal that the Clinton campaign worked with the DNC to rig the primary election and to engage in elaborate money laundering schemes.

Astonishingly, the DNC claims that the emails of its political operatives are “trade secrets” –  as if the DNC’s rigging efforts were the equivalent to the secret formula for Coca-Cola. With this suit, the DNC has become a press freedom predator, attempting to abuse trade secret law to suppress public understanding.

Senior Democrats from Donna Brazile to Senator Elizabeth Warren agree that the primary was ‘rigged’ by the DNC. The top five officers of the DNC, including its president Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, resigned over the issue.