Whoopi Goldberg Places Blame for Khashoggi’s Death on Trump

Worse than spending 6 days at the Alamo would be spending half a minute inside Whoopi Goldberg’s brain. For some inexplicable reason, she seems to think Trump’s run-in with the American press is responsible for Khashoggi being killed.

People have met violent deaths in relation to Saudi Arabia for the past 274 years, so why now blame it on Trump?  I guess it’s for the same reason a dog licks themselves. Because they can. But, the Saudi government has always frowned on people badmouthing the Crown. The fact that Khashoggi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood was definitely a major factor as well.

The MB has been trying to overthrow the royal family for many years.

From The Daily Caller

Whoopi Goldberg put blame for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi on President Donald Trump’s shoulders, citing rhetoric like “fake news.”

The comments came Monday on ABC’s “The View” during a discussion about Trump’s interview Sunday with Fox News’ Chris Wallace and how the president is “seen as a beacon for repression.”

Sunny Hostin praised Wallace for calling out Trump over labeling the press “the enemy of the people” and blamed the president for when other dictators have done the same.

“Well I don’t think [Trump] has that kind of self-awareness. I think he also doesn’t have the type of self-awareness in terms of this ‘enemy of the people.’” Hostin explained. “You see dictators all over the world now parroting that phrase, ‘enemy of the people.’ You have the president of Syria saying, ‘Guess what? Enemy of the people, there’s fake news out there.’”

Whoopi Goldberg is still into comedy. The only difference is that now, she’s not trying to be hilarious.