When Hoggs Fly: David Hogg Accepted into Harvard

The betting odds on David Hogg getting into Harvard must have been 200 to 1, considering his 4.2 GPA and his 1270 on the SAT tests. And if you bet on it, you would be cleaning up this morning.

Hogg has respectable scores and he would be accepted by many second-tier schools, but the scores do not justify admittance into Harvard. His admittance is grossly unfair to two people. The person he bumped out of a spot at Harvard and Hogg himself. His scores show that he is not at the Harvard level and the only way he can succeed is if they bend the rules for him a bit.H

e plans on majoring in political science.

From The Gateway Pundit

Anti-gun activist David Hogg told TMZ in March he was rejected by several California schools.

Hogg also said he had a 4.2 grade average a 1270 SAT score. His SAT score puts Hogg in the 80th percentile, obviously not good enough for the better schools.

FOX News host Laura Ingraham pointed out at the time that his grade point average and SAT scores were definitely not good enough for acceptance at elite schools.

The teen tyrant then organized a boycott against Ingraham for being mean.

Ingraham survived her boycott and today David Hogg, an average student rejected by at least 12 schools, was accepted at Harvard.