Twitter Allows Louis Farrakhan’s Account to Remain Open After Overtly Anti-Semitic Rants

Just days before a murderer walked into a synagogue and began killing Jews for the simple fact that they were Jewish, Screwy Louis Farrakhan called Jews, termites on his twitter account. Do they see nothing wrong with the post?

The same Twitter that shadow bans conservatives just for being conservatives because they believe conservatives are evil, allows anti-Semitism to flourish because it is a premise they agree with, in my opinion. What other possible explanation could there be? How long would it take them to ban someone who would call, say, Muslims termites? In my opinion, you could measure that in minutes if not seconds.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Saturday morning Trump-hating Nazi Robert Bowers walked into the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue and opened fire.

Eleven Jews were murdered in the vicious attack.

Following the shooting social media platform was suspended by its hosting provider after Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers reportedly used the platform to post hate speech. Paypal also terminated the account.

But Twitter and Facebook still allow hateful voices on their platforms.

Noted anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan called Jews “termites” in a speech just last week.

The tweet is still up and Farrakhan still has an account.

Social media is affecting US elections far more than any Russian could imagine. After the Republicans hold the Senate and expand their control over the Senate, they need to address social media and to break them up if necessary to ensure fair and honest elections in this country.