This Latest Review of Omarosa’s Book Is Sure To Have Her Speechless

David Canfield wrote a review for Omarosa’s book. Also, she won’t like it. Her next book might be about him. Needless to say, he doesn’t like Trump but he likes Omarosa and her book, even less. Rather he said that her bookmarks a new peak in disgrace.

Trump was wrong about one thing. Omarosa is not a dog, she’s what a dog leaves behind him. People are coming out of the woodwork, even people who hate Trump to call Omarosa a liar.

My daddy had a rule about this. If one person calls you a horse, forget about it. If two people call you a horse, stop and think about it. But if three people call you a horse, just buy yourself a saddle and be done with it.


Above all else, Unhinged is a meta-commentary on the bleakness of our political culture. Trump’s former Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison has, admittedly, executed an impressive rollout — of a style and, yes, substance more newsworthy than the book’s contents. The memoir’s very existence was leaked just weeks before publication to The Daily Mail; its juiciest material made its way online early, and came with receipts. Indeed, the prologue, in which Manigault Newman describes how Chief of Staff John Kelly met with her in the Situation Room last December and effectively fired her, is (ta-da!) backed up by a tape recording. So too, it turns out, is the conversation which appears near the book’s end, between President Trump and his former Apprentice villain after she’d been let go, as he bafflingly expresses confusion over her departure — as if he knew nothing about it.

It’s useless to review Unhinged as a standalone written product. It’s engineered as a media tool, structured in a fashion that complements what its author says on TV and reveals in a steady stream of recorded semi-bombshells. The book itself reads mostly like the Fire and Fury sequel you never wanted: a swift account of the major events to surround Trump since he began his campaign for president, filled out with one adviser’s observations, opinions, and insider “knowledge.” Like her old boss, she “hears” many things. She throws out, for instance, that she “heard” Trump was having a sexual relationship with evangelical leader Paula White. “I could not stop myself from contemplating whether her position as his spiritual advisor had ever been missionary,” she writes. (Really.)

I usually hate to see anyone get totally embarrassed on the national stage but in Omarosa’s case, I’ll make an exception