The Weinstein Company Is Done And Their NDAs Are Now Void

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Whelp… The now-infamous Weinstein Company has officially filed for Bankruptcy this week in Delaware; feeling the full aftermath of the sexual misconduct thrown at Harvey himself by NUMEROUS women going decades back.

The troubled studio finally flatlined and they’ve effectively voided their nondisclosure agreements.

As reported by NY Times:

As part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the Weinstein Company said it released anyone “who suffered or witnessed any form of sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein” from nondisclosure agreements. The move had been advocated by Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general, who is investigating wrongdoing at the studio. Mr. Weinstein was able to cover up allegations of misconduct for so long in part by relying on the unusually restrictive agreements.

“No one should be afraid to speak out or coerced to stay quiet,” the company said, going on to thank “the courageous individuals who have already come forward.”

“Your voices have inspired a movement for change across the country and around the world,” the company added. “The company regrets that it cannot undo the damage Harvey Weinstein caused, but hopes that today’s events will mark a new beginning.”

In a statement of his own, Mr. Schneiderman called the company’s decision to release any victims and witnesses from nondisclosure agreements “a watershed moment for efforts to address the corrosive effects of sexual misconduct in the workplace.” Mr. Schneiderman added that he welcomed “the parties’ efforts to preserve jobs and pursue justice for victims.”

Spokeswomen for Mr. Weinstein have denied that he ever engaged in “nonconsensual sex.” He has spent recent months seeking treatment for sex addiction and anger management, according to his representatives.

Mr. Weinstein, who is now a Hollywood pariah, has an array of legal problems that are separate from the bankruptcy case. Prosecutors in New York, Los Angeles and London are pursuing possible criminal cases against him. A lawsuit filed last month by Mr. Schneiderman will continue. Mr. Weinstein also faces additional civil suits, including one filed by the British actress Kadian Noble, who is suing him for sex trafficking.