The Left’s “Potent and Effective” Weapon Against Conservative Media

The latest round of Conservative media figures being attacked all have one thing in common… Media Matters. And here’s the difference.

We have groups kind of like that, as well, such as Judicial Watch. They both spend hours and hours finding details to further their own causes, their own cases. So the difference? Judicial Watch is seeking truth in government, Media Matters wants to out conservatives in media.

It’s pitiful and shameful. Maybe I’m being biased, you tell me? But I feel like even a more comparable group like Project Veritas has much more ground to stand on their potential left-leaning counterpart. PV outed CNN and their “nothing burger” narrative, discovering that they seemingly don’t even support their own broadcasts.

Media Matters, on the other hand… just had a writer fired because he once Tweeted that women who get abortions should be tried for murder. You see the difference, right?

As reported by Peter Hasson for The Daily Caller:

Media Matters played a key role in boycotts against Fox News host Laura Ingraham, after she sent a tweet knocking Parkland student David Hogg for complaining about colleges that rejected his applications. Ingraham offered Hogg an apology, which he rejected.


Fox News fired former hosts Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly after advertisers fled their shows under pressure from Media Matters. Sean Hannity has faced ongoing boycotts since May 2017, as part of a coordinated campaign meant to take down the pro-Trump Fox News host.

Media Matters employees spent hundreds of hours monitoring Sinclair broadcasts then clipping and circulating videos of Sinclair’s anchors reading the promotional script, Carusone later bragged. The promo went viral after Deadspin packaged the clips to show dozens of anchors reading the same script — a point-making stunt comedian Conan O’Brien has relied on for years.


Liberal journalists used the Media Matters post to demand Goldberg fire Williamson. “By keeping him on at @TheAtlantic, @JeffreyGoldberg is making clear he thinks ‘killing women’ is an acceptable part of political discourse,” The Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti claimed.