Roseanne Fires Back At Critics For Her Support Of President Trump

Roseanne Barr went on with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the huge success the reboot of her program is getting. She told Fallon that being back on that set was like coming home again. In the reboot, Roseanne is a Trump fan just like she is in real life. Fallon asked her about all the animosity aimed at her for political beliefs. Fallon himself is a Trump hater. Roseanne looked him right in the eye and said, “I don’t give a f*#k.”

Barr said, “Oh yeah, people are mad about that. But, you know, I don’t give a f*#k.”

“Everybody had to choose for themselves, according to their own conscience, who they thought was the lesser of two evils. You know, everybody chose that so I’m not going to put anybody down who didn’t vote like me. This is America. This is a free country.”

Roseanne is about a working-class family and the fact that the heads of the household support President Trump is only natural since the Democratic party has abandoned the working class in favor of illegal aliens and the LGBT community. Which is exactly why Trump won the presidency and it enabled Hillary to write a book and go on a whining tour.

From The Daily Caller

The reboot of the show “Roseanne,” which features Barr as the matriarch of a family that supports Trump, has been receiving massive ratings. Barr joined Jimmy Fallon on his late night show to discuss the success of the show.

“I was blown away,” she said. “I think people just identify with the family and they missed ’em. They missed the family.”

Barr added that being back on set felt like being “home.”
“It couldn’t be a bigger thing,” Fallon agreed. “But then with a big hit comes people who aren’t so happy, as well, if you say that you’re a supporter of Donald Trump.