Reporter April Ryan Stalks Sean Spicer With a Camera

Alleged journalist April Ryan, who works for a media company you have never heard of and who is also a CNN contributor, was stalking former White House spokesman through the streets of Washington with her video camera.

She seemed to be quite perturbed that he refused to even acknowledge her existence. She kept taunting him and he just kept on walking without ever turning around to look at her. Ryan is best known for her ridiculous questions at the daily press briefings and her threatening people with violence.

When Spicer was the White House spokesman, he and Ryan battled often because of their differences. You see, Spicer is sane.

From The Daily Caller

Spicer was an ice cube — both literally and figuratively. The weather was freezing out. Still, he wouldn’t respond. He wouldn’t even turn around to face her.

Ryan posted her Spicey spotting on Twitter and ran a video of their non-interaction on Instagram.

“Hiiiiii Sean, what are you here for?” she said, taunting him like a TMZ reporter. [Actually, TMZ reporters such as Colin Drummond are far more polite than Ryan was here.] You got a new position? You gonna be press secretary? Bye Sean! Wayyyyve!”

Once out of earshot, she let out three cackles and trashed him to herself, saying, “Hmmm, he can talk that smack on TV.”

Reached by phone, Spicer told The Mirror, “I didn’t know I was getting filmed. That video tells you everything you need to know about what kind of journalist she is. She’s now taking her cues from Omarosa.”

“Look who I just spotted coming back in the White House. Sean Spicer! He talks so much about me and could even face me. Bye Sean Spicer!”

@seanspicer did not expect to see me today. He can’t face me as he talks so much nasty stuff about me everywhere! Hmm why is he back again at the White House?”