Report: OJ Book Publisher Claims He Confessed

Look… everyone already knows about the OJ Simpson trial and a lot of people are still on either side of the issue. That being that he did it or he did not do it. He has a lot of supporters who believe he is innocent. I won’t be revealing what I think here, that’s not the point.

Now, over two decades later, an alleged confession has surfaced. The former football star, it’s claimed, made a confession to his book publisher regarding his role in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The book is “If I Did It” and according to Judith Regan, who published the book, OJ’s lawyer called her and allegedly told her that he was responsible for their murders.

This comes up due to an upcoming special titled  OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? where the 1995 trial is reexamined.

An outtake of the show provided by TMZ shows that Regan was told that he “pretty much admitted to killing his two victims” and emphasized added the word “IF” to the title, for deniability with his kids.

The special will also preview an interview between Regan and Simpson from back in 2006, footage that was allegedly “lost” at the time, where Simpson offers a hypothetical explanation to why he MAY have gone over to his ex-wife’s house.

After some persistence, the former football star reveals that he took a life from someone just called “Charlie” — to confront a man outside Nicole Brown Simpson’s home.

This isn’t the first an alleged confession has come about… his former manager, Norman Pardo, also claims that he knows who committed the murders, but stated that he couldn’t disclose the killer’s identity.



It’s weird to think that this is all still going around, isn’t it? This is the guy who Cochran got off, “if the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit” — a line that will no doubt live on forever, but in infamy, if these allegations are true.