Rep. Jeffries Caught Setting Trap For Diamond and Silk

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and the Democrats thought they had caught Trump supporters Diamond and Silk in a perjury trap over whether they were ever paid by the Trump campaign. Multiple times they insisted they had not. The Democrats then showed records from the Trump campaign that showed that the pair were paid $1274.94.

At the time, I noted that because it was a small and odd amount that it sounded more like a reimbursement, which is legally allowed rather than a payment. Sure enough, I was right. It was a reimbursement and they even produced the email from Lara Trump offering to reimburse them for their travel to discuss a program to be offered by the group, “Women for Trump.”

Diamond and Silk were testifying about conservative censorship by Facebook which the Democrats claim is a conspiracy theory. But not one of them offered an explanation on why President Trump’s Facebook page suffered a 45% decline in readership. The same can be said for numerous conservative sites including the Gateway Pundit. At the same time, liberal sites have been unaffected.

The Democrats spent two days harping on the $1274.94 which they insisted was a payment to the pair for campaigning for the president. That theory has now crashed and burned.

Look for Congress to come up with a bill to regulate Facebook and Google, possibly under the monopoly law.

From The Washington Times

After asking if they knew they were under oath, Mr. Jeffries asked if the Trump campaign was lying about the payment, or if the two women were claiming the report is false.

“Nobody is lying, however, there may have been a mistake from the Trump campaign when they wrote what the $1,274,94 was for,” explained Ms. Richardson.

She said that the payment was a reimbursement for plane tickets from New York to Ohio for a trip involving the campaign. She explained that they were asked in 2016 to be part of the “Women for Trump” group and flew in to discuss the opportunity. Ms. Richardson presented an email from Lara Trump saying that they would be repaid for their travel expenses.