‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel In The Works

Actor Jim Caviezel portraying Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.”

After nearly 14 years, a sequel to the epic “Passion of the Christ” is in the works with both director Mel Gibson and star Jim Caviezel already on board.

Caviezel has stated that it will be “the biggest film in history.” Big words considering the original garnered $370.8 million in North America.

“There are things that I cannot say that will shock the audience,” he said. “It’s great. Stay tuned.”

The film will focus on the resurrection of Christ up until His ascension into heaven. Caviezel said he felt encouraged by Gibson’s vision for the project.

The sequel will focus on Christ’s resurrection and his ascension into heaven with Caviezel noting that he’s encouraged by Gibson’s vision for the film.

“I won’t tell you how he’s going to go about it,” Caviezel said of Gibson. “But I’ll tell you this much, the film he’s going to do is going to be the biggest film in history. It’s that good.”

Gibson and crew had tossed around the idea of a sequel for years but he had concerns, most notably making something of cinematic quality that won’t be heretical.


“The Resurrection. Big subject.” Gibson said. “We’re trying to craft this in a way that’s cinematically compelling and enlightening so that it shines new light, if possible, without creating some weird thing.”

Jim Caviezel has become more outspoken over the years, even urging Christians to preach their beliefs to a “pagan world.”

“I want you to go out into this pagan world, I want you to have the courage to step into this pagan world and shamelessly express your faith in public,” he told audiences at the Fellowship of Catholic University Students SLS Leadership Conference. “The world needs proud warriors animated by their faith.”

I, for one, cannot wait to see the sequel!

(H/T USA Today)