New Book Reveals That Hillary Is The Booziest Presidential Candidate Ever

If you think she boozed it up during the presidential campaign, imagine the drinking she did on election night and since. She once bragged that she beat Sen John McCain in a vodka drinking contest, She claimed she drank him under the table. Amy Chozick’s new book claims that if Hillary had been elected, she would have been the booziest president of all time, even surpassing US Grant.

The New York Times had the story before the election but held onto it until after the election to protect Hillary. Can you imagine them doing the same thing if it were Trump?  Trump does not drink or smoke.

National Review’s Kyle Smith said:  “The attentive reader will wonder whether Clinton has a drinking problem. Chozick says that Clinton would have been ‘the booziest president since FDR’ and ‘enjoys a cocktail — or three — more than most previous presidents.’ Chozick isn’t saying that Clinton has three cocktails but that she has three cocktails more than a man.”

“So: five cocktails, then? Five cocktails for a woman is generally said to have the same effect as ten cocktails on a man. Would you want a man who regularly put away ten cocktails to be president?”

Perhaps that was her problem during the campaign as she kept tripping and falling down. maybe it wasn’t an illness. it could have been that she was just drunk, which could also explain her slurred words and liberal thinking. And come to think of it, she was drinking vodka, which is the preferred drink of Russians. Maybe we need a special counsel to determine if she was getting free cases from Vladimir Putin.

Inquiring minds want to know.

From The Daily Caller

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Hillary’s boozing habits. She once bragged about beating John McCain in a vodka drinking contest.

Clinton also publicly wrote that she drank her “share of chardonnay” and was told by her friends that she should take the prescription drug Xanax.