Justin Bieber Shocks Hollywood Swamp With Latest Support Call

Democrats are no longer sweating bullets. They are now sweating AR-15s with fully loaded oversized magazines. It was bad enough that Kanye West scaled the wall to escape the liberal plantation, but now, he has been supported by one of the top entertainers in the music industry, Justin Bieber.

Hollywood liberals have often been known to eat their own when they stray from the reservation, but do they dare take on two of the biggest entertainers in the world in Kanye West and Justin Bieber? John Legend has had to back off from his threatening rhetoric to Kanye over his support for President Trump.

To be clear, Bieber did not endorse Kanye’s views, he merely pointed out that he had the right to have his own opinion. But in Hollywood and for the Democrats, that is a very dangerous thing. If Hollywood royalty begins thinking before they mindlessly echo liberal talking points, a much-needed source of income and endorsements could dry up like the Dust Bowl.

But that is unlikely to happen as long as it makes their egos happy that they are doing something for mankind when really all they are doing is stepping on the necks of the poor and middle class.

From The Conservative Tribune

Bieber’s Instagram post is making news in the comfortably liberal precincts like Cosmopolitan because it doesn’t outright condemn West (Cosmo Girl doesn’t approve, of course, but she clearly can’t help loving The Bieb anyway).

Republicans and conservatives would watch a celebrity conflict like this playing out with mild bemusement if it had been on the right — Ted Nugent and James Woods could settle a fight amongst themselves without endangering the remainder of Donald Trump’s first term, for instance.

But for a liberal party that needs the approval of the celebrity class, whose political survival literally requires the backing of such moral and intellectual paragons as Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jimmy Kimmel to make its case to the public, a quasi-defection like Bieber’s is a moral catastrophe. If it means knee-jerk liberals start thinking for themselves, it could well be a political one, too.