Judge Alleges Schneiderman Member of Deep State Conspiracy Against President Trump [VIDEO]

Judge Andrew Napolitano claims that disgraced NY AG Eric Schneiderman took part in the offsite meetings of the Deep State mentioned in the Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texts.

In fact, he was a key player filing numerous lawsuits against the president. That was before his proclivity of beating, choking and threatening women along with his racist comments took him down. Schneiderman was even working with Robert Mueller and he threatened criminal charges against anyone that President Trump might pardon.

From The Gateway Pundit

The New York Attorney General was part of these Secret Society meetings to take down President Trump.

Judge Napolitano: One of the things that I read for this show… The Peter Strzok, Lisa Page text messages. And those text messages reflect a lot of meetings outside the Justice Department with members of the DOJ and FBI and one state official, not federal, Eric Schneiderman was present at a lot of those meetings. Speculation, it was sort of their insurance policy because Donald Trump can pardon anyone for a federal crime but he can’t pardon anyone for a state prosecution. I honestly believe that the attorney general, he’s still attorney general until the end of the day, Schneiderman was contemplating indicting either the people around the president or the president depending on the outcome of the Mueller investigation for violation of New York State financial laws.

I find it hilarious that the same Schneiderman who insisted that Donald Trump was a man of low moral character has to resign over the fact that he brutalized women he dated and then tried to pass it off as role-playing. None of the four women have described it as role-playing. They are calling it domestic violence.

He even threatened to tap their phones and commit violence against them if they ever broke up with him. (So I guess that erases the line between dating and breaking up as far as violence is concerned.)