Joy Villa OWNED The Grammys Last Night!

Fox News contributor and singer Joy Villa stunned Grammy guests and onlookers in a hand-painted pro-life dress tonight.

A beautiful white wedding dress featuring a rainbow uterus on the lower left side with a small baby in the center and a matching clutch with the poignant words “choose life” painted on the side in bold, black letters.

Villa shared on twitter that the stunning dress was a wedding dress she purchased from Bridal Garden, a non-profit with proceeds going to Brooklyn Charter, a Bedford-Stuyvesant charity. Villa also stated that both the entire ensemble was hand-painted.

Known for hits like “Make America Great Again!” and “Get Your Freedom” the 30-year-old singer isn’t a stranger to supporting unpopular causes in liberal strongholds. In 2015 she wore a blue dress with “Make America Great Again” and the name “Trump” on it. But don’t worry all the buzz from that dress helped boost her single Make The Static to number 1.

The entertainer is considering running for Congress as a Republican. A supporter of the second amendment, religious freedom, and against illegal immigration she is the whole package. While she has gone on the record as voting for Barack Obama and supporting Bernie Sanders, it wasn’t until Hillary Clinton won the DNC nomination that she switched her support to Donald Trump’s campaign.

It is a nice change of pace of what otherwise was a liberal pow-wow. The Grammys always provide a soapbox for the left to share their views and tell us how things should be. Tonight though, however briefly seeing Joy Villa standing out amongst her peers firmly representing her beliefs put a tear in this old man’s eye.

Hopefully, families watching at home saw this and conversations were started. Hopefully, other celebrities who are closet-republicans who may be in hiding can feel more confident to step out and share their beliefs freely without fear of mockery or blacklists.