If This Report Is True, Rosie O’Donnell Violated Campaign Finance Laws Five Times

Remember when Dinesh D’Souza went to prison for contributing too much money to one candidate, a long time friend of his? Well, Rosie O’Donnell contributed too much to five candidates.

Think they will send her to prison? Me either. She claims she didn’t know but in order to hide her contributions, she used five addresses and four different names. Certainly sounds like she was trying to hide what she was doing, doesn’t it? She claims the campaigns should have caught it, but how could they since used multiple identities and addresses?

From Breitbart News

An analysis conducted by the New York Post presents potential legal trouble Rosie O’Donnell could face if authorities discover that the former View co-host used different variations of her name and different addresses to exceed the legal donation limit to the same political candidate.

According to the Post:

“Filings show O’Donnell gave a combined $5,400 in contributions over the limit to the five candidates, and used five different New York addresses and four variations of her name.”

Donors and political candidates are legally liable for overpayments. Monies exceeding the legal limit can be refunded. O’Donnell, who donated more than $90,000 during the 2017-2018 election cycle to 50 different federal candidates and committees, said she uses the online liberal fundraising platform ActBlue.

O’Donnell said:

“My anxiety is quelled by donating to those opposing trump [and] his agenda — especially at night — when most of these were placed.”

“Nothing nefarious. I was not choosing to over donate. “If 2700 is the cut off — [candidates] should refund the money,” she wrote. “I don’t look to see who I can donate most to … I just donate assuming they do not accept what is over the limit.””

If that was true Rosie, why would you need to use 5 different addresses and four names? It certainly looks like you are trying to hide something. The conservative went to prison. Do any of you expect liberal Rosie O’Donnell will, too? I don’t.