HuffPo Writer Accused Of Stalking Conservative Blogger – Says Family’s Life Is In Danger

Amy Mek is a blogger who has her own opinions about terrorists, some that those on the left would never agree with. Because of her opinions, she is being stalked by HuffPo propagandist Luke O’Brien who has threatened to dox her and make her vulnerable to these extremists.

He even called her husband’s work and got him fired, even though he has nothing to do with the blog. I guess this is the type of journalism the Huffpo wants because he was famous for stalking people long before he joined them. What excuse will they use, should Heaven forbid, her children are assaulted or even killed?

Here is Mek’s Twitter storm: “ALERT! I NEED YOUR HELP – This is SHOCKING! Contact the @HuffPost and demand reporter Luke O’Brien stop endangering me and my family. He has threatened to reveal my identity putting me and my family at great personal risk. But it’s MUCH worse than you can imagine…”

She continues… “O’Brien has been viciously harassing me, my husband and my loved ones for having an opinion different than his and supporting @realdonaldtrump. O’Brien went so far as to contact my husband’s employer and had him fired because of MY OPINIONS and my fight for Jews to exist.”

“My husband was wrongfully fired & discriminated against based on nothing he said, but the fact that his wife stood up against oppression, discrimination, honor killings, female genital mutilations, etc.”

“Not only do I stand up for MY rights but also for women, LBGTQ, minorities, and persecuted Christians throughout the world.”

“To make this very clear, my husband was fired because of my pro-Trump, pro-Jewish and pro-Christian voice. Spouses will now be punished, hunted and harassed for their partners’ thoughts and opinions.”

“My husband has been an upstanding citizen who has given back to the less fortunate and excelled academically and professionally. My husband’s parents are first generation legal immigrants with 3rd-grade educations. He has always put his family first.”

“My husband was living the American Dream that every immigrant family strives for. His parents worked 7 days a week in factories and at a fruit stand to afford to move their family to the suburbs with a better school system.”

“My husband financially put himself through college, law school, and business school. He overcame all of the odds and graduated from prestigious universities.”

“My husband has always kept his political opinions silent – and actually, many of his political views are different than mine. Now outspoken conservatives’ spouses can be fired. This should frighten everyone, conservatives, and liberals.”

“O’Brien took the charitable work my husband & I have done for the wrongfully convicted & their families, prison reform, minorities, inner-city individuals & animal rights, & tried to dirty, vilify & harm our work. I thought supposed liberals like O’Brien would praise our efforts?”

Now you know why so many people refuse to recognize the HuffPo as a legitimate news agency. Because they aren’t one.