Huckabee’s CMA Resignation Letter Is A TOTAL WIN!

Mike Huckabee has stepped down from his role on the Country Music Foundation Association’s board of directors, citing “hate” against him… for being a conservative.

While I realize we’re all allowed to have our own thoughts, opinions, and criticisms, it’s just insane to me to think that anything related to Country Music would be ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE! I suppose, though, that’s the world we live in today, right?

Huckabee didn’t just resign, though… he wrote an amazing resignation letter where he tells it like it is, and doesn’t bow down to the Left.

“The message here is “Hate Wins.”  Bullies succeeded in making it untenable to have “someone like me” involved.   I would imagine however that many of the people who buy tickets and music are not that “unlike me.””

“I hereby tender my resignation effective immediately.  I hope this will end the unnecessary distraction and deterrent to the core mission of the Foundation which is to help kids acquire musical instruments and have an opportunity to participate in music programs as students. ”

“If the industry doesn’t want people of faith or who hold conservative and traditional political views to buy tickets and music, they should be forthcoming and say it,” Huckabee wrote in a resignation letter published on his website, under the apt title “Hate Wins.”

Those are just some of the highlights, it get’s really good and I recommend you read it using the link above.

And luckily, he’s got some support coming his way. Lauren DeBellis Appell, a one-time deputy press secretary for conservative Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and former communications director for the Senate Republican Policy Committee, wrote in a commentary piece for Fox News wherein she puts it QUITE NICELY:

“What’s ludicrous is that Huckabee’s role on the CMA Foundation would have had nothing to do with his conservative views. It would have had everything to do with his passion for music and how it shaped his life, and how he wanted to help kids use music to do the same in their lives.”

EXACTLY! It has nothing to do with his political views but his love of music. The CMAs should be ASHAMED of themselves!

“I wish you nothing but good will and success at reaching students across America who need music as much as I did,” Huckabee wrote. “At the end of the day, I’m not worth the fight, but the kids are. Never stop fighting for THEM!”