George Papadopoulos Tells CNN That Obama Spy Set Him Up [VIDEO]

George Papadopoulos told CNN that Barack Obama’s spy set him up. Papadopoulos related how he received an unsolicited email from Stefan Halper, Obama’s spy. He said during their first meeting, Halper fed him information about Russian interference.

Also, he tried to get Papadopoulos to say he already knew about it but when he said no. Halper got angry. Papadopoulos will now have to serve 14 days in jail for not being candid with FBI investigators, that knew he had been set up. With all of their spies, they were not able to get even one Republican to get involved in collusion. They never saw that coming.

George Papadopoulos: I received an unsolicited email from Stephan Halper who I thought was a Cambridge professor inviting me. So he reached out and said I want you to write a paper for me. I joined him about a week later over drinks at the hotel in London where all of the sudden he pulls out his phone. Everyone has phones when they meet with me and he places it in front of him and he begins to tell me, “So George, of course hacking is in the interest of your campaign. Of course, the Russians are helping you.” These open-ended questions, and, “Of course, you’re probably involved in it too. That’s correct right?”

From The Gateway Pundit

Papadopolous was set up by the Obama DOJ.

Of course, the liberal media is ignoring this development because it does not conform to their biased and inaccurate reporting against the Trump administration.

The liberal mainstream media can NEVER be trusted.

They completely ignored this stunning development.

Dan Bongino weighed in on this Papadopoulos confession on FOX and Friends.