With Nothing Left To Lose, Kathy Griffin Takes One More Shot At The Spotlight

After the photo of Kathy Griffin holding a fake, bloodied, Trump head went viral and essentially crashed her career, she hired the daughter of infamous lawyer Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, to represent her in the matter.

I guess things just didn’t go as planned as Griffin decided to call out her now-former attorney via social media, saying “Dear @LisaBloom pls stop calling me. If you’d like to refund me the tens of thousands of $$ I wasted on your services maybe I’ll talk to you”

Not long after, Griffin gave an interview to the Daily Beast where she further commented on the matter.

– Charged $40,000 for two days’ representation
– Hired another attorney – who would bill Griffin separately – before ever meeting with her
– Mishandled the June 2 press conference and made Griffin’s situation worse
– Used Griffin’s press conference to pimp LisaBloom.com
– Physically prevented (through her bodyguards) Griffin’s long-time personal attorney and her boyfriend from attending the presser
– Provided inadequate security at the presser, at which a Gateway Pundit reporter approached Griffin and frightened her
– Tried to force her to go on a joint media “victim” tour
– Lied to her about media requests (claiming she couldn’t do interviews alone, that the networks were requiring Bloom to be on the air as well.)
– Badgered Griffin and her boyfriend for weeks by phone after Griffin pulled the plug on a Good Morning America appearance and press tour.

She further commented…

“I didn’t know I was going to her office, and that I would be under a f***ing banner that said ‘Lisabloom.com,’ and that she would hand me a coffee cup that said ‘Lisabloom.com.’ It was one of the worst days of my life.

“[Immediately after the press conference] Lisa’s husband was physically holding the door closed, so we were in there, and Lisa was outside doing interviews in the hallway fame-whoring which we didn’t know at the time.”

Awww… too bad, so sad. Bloom isn’t taking it lying down. She released a statement of her own via Twitter.

The last bit Bloom is talking about, the video about women coming together was posted to Facebook where she states “I’m a comedian first and foremost, but am still swirling in the storm of the current awkward but necessary conversation about equality for all and especially the treatment of women and girls.”

I don’t know… I have a hard time feeling bad for her lately. How about you ?