Candace Owens Hits The Nail On The Head In This Latest Interview

Candace Owens, the spokesperson for Turning Point USA and a black conservative activist says that the Democrats want their slaves back.

I’ve often said that Democrats get very angry whenever a black man or woman tries to escape from their ideological plantation. And just like they used to, tie them to a stake and beat them severely. Not literally of course but they do try to destroy them. Don’t tell me you have never seen a white liberal tell a black person that they are not thinking or acting properly as a black person.

After all, who knows more about being black than a white Liberal?

Owens said:  “They created a system where black people are ideological slaves. We tested this theory very quickly. [Kanye] simply said seven words. ‘I like the way Candace Owens thinks.’ And this became a front news story across every single platform that you could possibly dream of. And that is only because he is not allowed to think differently as a black man.”

I guess it’s not as bad as it once was under Democrats. Up until 1865, the black people were not allowed to have any freedom at all. Now they are just not allowed to have freedom of speech and of thought.

Candance Owens has long been a force for Conservative values in this country, and Lord knows she has taken some heat from the Left for it.

She recently made some major headlines after famed rapper Kanye West gave her a bit of a shoutout on his new Twitter account, saying:

One thing you can never take away from Kanya is the fact that he will speak his mind and say exactly what he means… he’s practically known for it. So for him to Tweet that out, perhaps says a lot about his stance on the political battlefield.

I’ve never been a big fan of celebrities using their influence on politics and I think this Tweet is still OK in spite of that. He simply shows his support for a fellow American citizen who, like him, is black.

And Owens… well, she’s getting some much-deserved attention.