BREAKING: Harvey Weinstein To Be Arrested Today For Deviant Crimes

So far, Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sex crimes by over 80 women. Tomorrow in New York he will be arrested for forcing  Lucia Evans, who alleged that Weinstein assaulted her during a meeting at his Miramax office in 2004.

He told her that she’d be perfect for Project Runway, then forced her to give him oral sex. It is not known at this time if he will be charged with any other crimes in New York. There is another investigation into his sex crimes going on right now in Los Angeles. He had to shutter his lucrative business over his sexual escapades.

Weinstein, once one of the biggest moguls in Hollywood has been shunned the town he once owned. He was close friends with Hillary Clinton and supported her campaign for president. Today, Morgan Freeman, who did voice-overs for Hillary was accused by 8 women for sexual assaults. One of her aides also had to be let go for sexual harassment. I guess she is just attracted by men like Bill.

From The LA Times

L.A. County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey’s team has been reviewing two investigations into Weinstein by Beverly Hills police, as well as three LAPD investigations of the onetime producer, including an Italian actress’ allegation of rape in 2013.

According to law enforcement sources, detectives believe that case is promising for prosecution because the woman told her story to three people, including a priest, relatively soon after the alleged attack. LAPD detectives also have obtained bills showing the woman was a guest at the Beverly Hills hotel where she claims Weinstein attacked her, said the sources. The case does have flaws, they added. Detectives found little physical evidence of an attack and have been unable to secure proof that Weinstein was at the hotel when the woman says the rape occurred.

Weinstein has been under increased law enforcement scrutiny since the New York Times published allegations of sexual assault and harassment last summer.

This week, according to sources who were not authorized to comment publicly, the U.S. attorney’s office of the Southern District of New York also was investigating Weinstein, seeking to examine whether the mogul had lured or induced women to travel across state lines for purposes of committing sexual crimes.