Body Language Expert Claims Primary Kavanaugh Accuser Has Mental Issues [VIDEO]

A body language expert analyzed Christine Ford’s testimony and she points out a couple of places where she lies and came to the overall conclusion that Ford has mental issues. (Trump Derangement Syndrome?) In the video you will see shortly, it shows Ford testifying and the body language expert doing her or his analysis. Body language is a popular tactic used by police when interrogating a suspect.

Either they use their own experience or they bring in a professional to spot body movements that suggest lying or other emotions. Defense attorneys also use body language experts while taking depositions, to help then decide which areas to key on. It’s an effective weapon. Of course, not all body language experts are equal, you must decide for yourself.

From The Gateway Pundit

The video below is riveting and can probably be summed up in a section where the body language expert described Dr. Ford’s actions –

We’re [Dr. Ford] going to sway back and forth. We’re going to have a smaller voice than what is normal and make ourselves small and we’re do a little pretty, it’s cuteness.  That’s what it is, it’s cuteness.  Doing a pretty pose.

We’re going to use emotion to make you sympathize with me.  I’m not coming off as a big scary bear or a medusa.  I’m a soft little church mouse telling you about the evil kitty outside.

Dr. Ford comes across as a very mixed up and crazy woman.  She speaks in a little girl’s voice which is plain weird.  Are her actions associated with a past traumatic incident when she was a little girl?  Overall she comes across as a little 6-year-old girl in a grown woman’s body.

The body language expert is correct – there is something mentally wrong with Dr. Ford!