Amy Schumer Gives FREE PASS To Fellow Comedian In Sex Scandal

screenshot from youtube video

Amy Schumer addressed the recent sexual misconduct allegation against her comedian friend Aziz Ansari, saying the incident should teach both men and women alike what “behavior is not OK.”

Amy Schumer was on the Katie Couric Podcast to promote the release of “Wonder Women” when the topic if the creepy Aziz Ansari scandal came about, leaving Schumer to ultimately give him a “free pass” of sorts on the matter.

The accuser, known as “Grace” gave an interview to where she called it “the worst night of my life.”

“I don’t think anyone wants to see Aziz’s career ruined or his life ruined or anything like that, but that’s where people’s minds go,” Schumer told Couric on the podcast when talking about the #MeToo movement.

“They go, ‘Does he deserve this?’ And it’s really not about that. I think it’s about expressing and showing women that behavior is not OK and not only can you leave, but you need to leave.”

“Because then the women who come after you, you’re leaving a mark for them too,” she added.

So in writing this article, I went to dig up the times Schumer spoke out against any or all of the Hollywood sex scandals and unless I’m just completely blind I haven’t seen one. I was SURE she would have spoken on the matter NUMEROUS times but yet I find nothing. She’s retweeted a few things from others but as far as I can find THIS IS IT!

Perhaps this is just as telling as the seemingly only time she said anything was to take up for her buddy… what do you think?

She continued, “I identify with all the women in these situations. Even if it’s my friend, I don’t go, ‘Oh, but he’s a good guy.’ I think, ‘What would it feel like to have been her?’”

“If you have a doctor that makes you uncomfortable, or you get a massage, or you have a date with someone and they coerce you in a situation like the Aziz one, I don’t think there’s any sort of criminal charge, but I think that it’s good for everybody to learn that that behavior’s not acceptable,” Schumer said.

“It’s not a crime, but it’s not cool. And it can still really mess with a woman.”

And as for the victim…

“It took a really long time for me to validate this as sexual assault,” the accuser told “I was debating if this was an awkward sexual experience or sexual assault. And that’s why I confronted so many of my friends and listened to what they had to say, because I wanted validation that it was actually bad.”

Ansari later said in a statement: “In September of last year, I met a woman at a party. We exchanged numbers. We texted back and forth and eventually went on a date. We went out to dinner, and afterwards we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual.

“The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable. It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said. I continue to support the movement that is happening in our culture. It is necessary and long overdue.”